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Some fascists seen off – but no cause for complacency


Saturday 29 November 2014, Greek Embassy, Holland Park, London: 

Fascists had planned to picket the Greek Embassy in support of Golden Dawn – the Greek fascist organisation, several of whose MPs are currently in jail on various charges including murder, weapons offences and attacks on immigrants.

In the event about 20 turned up but they were seen off, after about an hour, by anti- fascists who had assembled some time before.

Polish fascists, who were reported to be behind the picket of the Greek embassy, are beginning to organise amongst the emigre community in the UK. They organised an attack on a music festival in Tottenham recently.

The counter demonstration was called by several groups: Greek Solidarity Campaign, Unite against Fascism and Anti Fascist Action for Greece (AAfG). Later a group of young anarchists arrived to give much appreciated support.

Speakers welcomed the necessary collaboration of groups from a variety of political backgrounds.

A National Union of Journalists (NUJ) member spoke of the increasing anti-immigrant noise coming out of the media, including the BBC, reflecting the capitulation of the main bourgeois parties in United Kingdom to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), a right-wing nationalist and anti-immigration party which hopes to do well at the general election in May.

Greek comrades outlined the extreme social dislocation, unemployment and social hardship in Greece as a result of the EU bankers’ imposed austerity measures. This is the background to the rise of Golden Dawn (GD) ̶ a fully-fledged fascist party which openly applauds the Hitler regime and organises attacks, including murder, on immigrant populations, trade unionists, socialists and anti-fascists. They are currently the third grouping in parliament with close ties to the police and various sections of the state and the ruling class.

The fact that the Greek state has, for now, felt constrained to “crack down” on GD shouldn’t for a moment convince anyone that the fight against fascism can be left to the state to take care of.

To quote an interesting leaflet distributed by Anti-Fascist Action for Greece (AAfG) on the counter-picket: “The political servants of Greek capitalism are neither ready nor willing to step aside on account of a potential coup by fascist forces, and nor is the Greek ruling class prepared to resort to a fascist solution before exhausting every parliamentary means to implement the most reactionary regressive ant-labour and anti-democratic laws in Greece’s history.”

In UK we have somewhat different situation. An anti-immigrant party – UKIP – gaining support due to the bourgeois parties’ programme of austerity and a widespread disaffection with “normal” politics. It’s not yet a fascist organisation but such a container could easily be filled with a different content.

So long as workers and other people get no answers to basic issues like housing and unemployment from the main bourgeois parties and socialists fail to construct an alternative, the potential for a fascist movement is there. There is no room for complacency.

Nick Bailey[\threecolumns]

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