South Africa

The Workers Charter 1987  [adopted by NUMSA in 1987]

Bob Archer replies on behalf of WIRFI to The Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ Party: A major distraction, by John Appolis.
(available in pamphlet form)

A Reply to Martin Jenson: The Numsa moment has it lost momentum?

What Numsa decided in December 2013

Reinstate NUMSA into its rightful place in the leadership of COSATU: Statement by Workers International

Numsa and the question of a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist political organ of the working class in South Africa today

Numsa President Opening Speech during Central Committee at The Lakes Hotel and Conference Centre on  – 16 May 2014

Statement on the decisions of the National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa by the Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International Conference 29-30 March 2014

Long live the South African working class as they get ready to storm the heavens! by Balazs Nagy, April 2014

Numsa on the United Front and the possibilities of establishing a movement for Socialism

Numsa Views on the state of Class Struggles in South Africa and the Crisis in Cosatu

NUMSA 2nd Deputy President Comrades Basil Cele on jobs for Youth demonstration

Numsa national special congress secretariat report

Numsa General Secretary Presentation to The Cape Town Press Club