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Publication Fund
To meet the challenge of presenting the way forward for the working class and all working people in the face of the crisis of imperialism, comrade BALAZS NAGY is engaged in writing a three? volume study taking in the development of economy and society since 1945; the struggle of Marxists to grasp and explain this, particularly in relation to Marx’s political economy; the unfolding characteristics of capitalism in its imperialist phase; the often? neglected history of class struggle throughout the period and the fight for revolutionary leadership.

Work on translating the first volume is almost complete. It should be possible to produce a suitable print run in paperback for about £1,200. We are therefore appealing to comrades and to readers of Workers International Journal to contribute to a fund to meet these costs.

Please send donations – however modest to:
Workers International, PO Box 68375, London E7 7DT.
Please make cheques out to: “Correspondance”.

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