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Report on Political Parties Liaison Committee by WRP Namibia




A party duly registered in terms of the Electoral laws of the Republic of Namibia

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10 November 2021.


On 9 November, yesterday, the Political Parties Liaison Committee (PLC) met at the Electoral Commission of Namibia to discuss amongst others, “the way forward”.

“… The Electoral Commission has noted with great concern that most political parties do not comply” with the provisions of the Electoral Act regarding annual audited statements and statements of liabilities and assets. Only one party has submitted statements.

The act provides for sanctions to be implemented by the Electoral Commission in the event the parties do not comply with the act in respect of finances.

As the custodian of the Act, the Electoral Commission has a legal obligation to ensure that these measures and requirements are implemented.” The Electoral Commission has not enacted these sanctions and appeal to parties to comply.

The WRP represented by SG Jacobus Josob and Political Secretary Hewat Beukes responded as follows: “It is unacceptable that the legislator may be the first violator of the law. This implies that the laws passed by Parliament are done so with mal-intent. It is equally unacceptable that the Electoral Commission confesses and admits to non-compliance with the electoral act of 2014. The sanctions provided therein are not discretionary. They are peremptory(compulsory) upon the Electoral Commission.

If parties did not submit proper annual reports they shall not receive further funds and the sanctions contained not only in the Electoral Act, but in the general law, shall be enforced.

A further issue is that the ECN does not report on the fact that the WRP had not received a single cent of its parliamentary funds. It was denied these funds on the insistence of the USA and the EU and the actions of the Namibian regime. It could not submit audited reports.

This situation has been seized upon and WRP allocations had been stolen from the Treasury. Peter Katjavivi, the Speaker stole N$5 million. The Labour Commissioner and the Labour Court were abused to issue warrants of execution against the WRP for fraudulent claims of more than N$3 million.

On each of these atrocities the WRP objected in writing to the ECN, the National Assembly and to Petrus Damaseb the Judge-President. None replied.

The WRP issue is one issue. The ECN, the courts and the National Assembly work together to create a situation in which the Treasury is being raided at will in general. This lawless situation at the ECN regarding finances of political parties is the ultimate instance of Treasury looting.

A foundational principle of a democracy is freedom of association. Political parties are voluntary associations that register with the ECN by payment and registering their constitutions, their office-bearers and authorised representative. The ECN, the Parliament and the courts ignore the rights of parties and cause confusion, chaos and disruption by ignoring authorised representation and use their own agents to deal with party business, with the object of disabling opposition.

This is a failed State in which the law is alien. No-one denied the WRP’s factual submissions.

The WRP resolved to make a full statement to all parties and the working people on the abuse of law and the looting of Public money from the Treasury.”

Hewat Beukes and Jacobus Josob.

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