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September issue of the Journal

The latest copy of the WIRFI Journal available on line here.

This months issue has:

  • Euro-election shock  By Balazs Nagy
  • NUMSA presents its case to the world By Bob Archer
  • Namibia: Rehoboth Land Case Mockery By Hewat Beukes
  • A response to George Harissis’s ‘Unions in the Firing Line’ By Bob Archer
  • Namibia: Fuel workers fight for wages and recognition
  • Greece: 595 public sector cleaners show the way

Out Now! June 2014 issue of the Journal

Inside this issue:
Euro-election results reveal signs of Political turmoil in Europe by Bob Archer
Down with the Bourgeois Politics of the Front National by Balazs Nagy
Lessons of French Municipal Elections by Balazs Nagy
Valls, a Government of Anti-Working-Class Struggle by Balazs Nagy
India: What does Modi’s Victory Mean? By Roger Silverman
From independent trade unionists in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
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